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Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Printing Methods

(Image Source) Let’s take a look at the top 5 methods that are changing the game of printing in an eco-friendly way: Less Waste Many methods are available to produce less waste when it comes to offset printing, and currently digital printing is almost waste-free already. Printers, for example, can combine their ink for brief offset printing runs; if a press operator only requires a few ounces of any specific colour, they can produce it on their own rather than making a purchase from an ink company, saving on costs and materials. One way whereby waste is greatly reduced is through the use of digital print on-demand services. Small batch printing on demand results in less wasted products and greater...

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A Practical Guide to the Different Types of Paper for Printing

(Image Source)   Choosing from the different forms of paper on the market is an important element in achieving high-quality digital printing. You must choose the paper form ideally suited to carrying out the visual and textual contents of your publication or graphic design project, a decision that should be taken with caution and can vary based on the type of product you want to print. Choosing from the various paper forms available can be difficult when confronted with a vast array of papers, each with a unique set of properties. Each paper type has a weight, a processing type, and a finish that determines its clarity, appearance, weight, thickness, level of opaqueness, feel, and longevity. In this article, we...

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Is it better to use dye or pigment-based ink?

Dye ink employs colorants that are dissolved in a solvent, while pigment ink employs tiny color particles suspended in a suspension. The water soluble dye can be visualized as sugar that dissolves in water, while the pigments can be visualized as sand mixed in water.   Advantages of dye inks   Dye-based inks will have a larger colour space for more vivid and colourful prints, but they will wash off unless printed on special coated mark paper. As long as the sticker does not come into contact with something abrasive, the print is water-resistant. The original print consistency of dye and pigment inks is almost similar. The vibrancy and colour reproduction seem to be very similar. When comparing consistency and...

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